Where to find us

Our factory is located at the Kolonnawa Industrial Park governed by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce under the Government of Sri Lanka.

Our Management

As one of Sri Lanka’s pioneering Cleaning Product Solution Providers, our strength lies with our Management Team, who is the backbone of our Company. Through integration of responsibility and values into our business model, they solemnly lead us to meet and exceed the expectations of our customer base ensuring that we grow in quality and quantity as the years go by.

Our Board of Directors is highly qualified with academic and professional exposure in the field of Chemistry as well as Industrial and Domestic applications of Cleaning Products with over 25 years of academic and research background in industrial-scale manufacturing. Their urge for innovative technology and scientific methodologies has paved the way for the success story of our company.


Commenced with humble beginnings 20 years back with only 04 employees, we are proud to state that the company now provides job opportunities to around 160 direct employees. Employees are our most precious resource since they provide us the potential to go beyond the limitations in search of a greener tomorrow. They are well trained to meet the required industry standards in chemical manufacturing and handling procedures, health and safety practices and skilled performance.


Our entire range of products is manufactured in our production facility where we utilize sustainable practices throughout the complete production process under strict monitoring for quality, safety and energy conservation. The raw materials used in our products are totally biodegradable and do not contain any heavy metals, phosphates or animal fats. Our concept of eco-friendly, socially responsible product supply, not only requires outstanding ecological quality in our products with precious, expensive raw materials and manufacturing processes but also to offer the products at the lowest possible price.