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Pathway towards a sustainable tomorrow !!!

We, at Ceylon Detergents Suppliers (Pvt) Ltd., have solemnly engraved our name as one of the pioneer manufacturers of Cleaning Products in Sri Lanka. The key factor to our success lies in the excellent quality aligned with the innovative production approaches practiced throughout the life-cycle of our products.

We consider it our responsibility to introduce environmentally friendly, biodegradable products with minimum carbon footprints. The raw materials and production procedures are carefully selected and designed to deliver a sustainable, high quality product to meet the ultimate goal of the end-user.

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A Pioneer in Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products since 1999

Established in 1999, Ceylon Detergents Suppliers (Pvt) Ltd. is one of the largest and most respected Cleaning Product Solution Providers in Sri Lanka equipped with innovative technological processes and experienced, skilled staff backed up by a professional, research oriented management.