Ceylon Detergents Suppliers (Pvt) Ltd

Pathway towards a sustainable tomorrow !!!

We, at Ceylon Detergents Suppliers (Pvt) Ltd., have solemnly engraved our name as one of the pioneer manufacturers of Cleaning Products in Sri Lanka. The key factor to our success lies in the excellent quality aligned with the innovative production approaches practiced throughout the life-cycle of our products.

We consider it our responsibility to introduce environmentally friendly, biodegradable products with minimum carbon footprints. The raw materials and production procedures are carefully selected and designed to deliver a sustainable, high quality product to meet the ultimate goal of the end-user.

We manufacture a complete selection of Industrial and Domestic Cleaning Products for the Sri Lankan market as well as contract manufacturing for many multinational clients. We constantly strive towards improvement through market innovation and product development, incorporating the very latest techniques and scientific approaches in our production specifications.

The strong reputation owned by us, backed up with the presence for nearly 20 years in the industry as a successful Cleaning Product Solution Provider to the nation and the export market, has made us a key-player with exceptional potential for expansion and diversification.

A Pioneer in Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products since 1999

Established in 1999, Ceylon Detergents Suppliers (Pvt) Ltd. is one of the largest and most respected Cleaning Product Solution Providers in Sri Lanka equipped with innovative technological processes and experienced, skilled staff backed up by a professional, research oriented management.

It is a well-known fact that Cleaning Products are essential for the successful functioning of major industries and domestic applications. Along with the increasing demand for Cleaning Products, their impact on nature is largely increasing with significant long term impacts in every aspect of environmental consciousness. Therefore, we consider it our responsibility to manufacture chemicals in harmony with nature, in a considerate and revitalizing manner paving the way for a sustainable future and cause minimum impact to the perfect ecological balance of our mother earth.